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    Below are the list of services offered:

    For a lab developed process & its smooth transfer to commercial scale,

    i. Process Flow Diagram,
    ii. Equipment Mapping,
    iii. Ideal Process & Instrumentation Diagram,
    iv. Material balance (based on the provided mass balance),
    v. Hazard identification & Tentative mitigation plans,
    vi. Safety assessment for reactions based on Hess law of heat summation,
    vii. Detailing on relief system to mitigate risk of gas evolution,
    viii. Heat load requirements (Steam, Cooling systems),
    ix. Capacity detailing (based on request),
    x. Estimation of overhead costs,
    xi. Further assessment based on requirement / request (Optional).

    For commercialized process,

    i. Ideal Process & Instrumentation Diagram,
    ii. Identification of gaps to enhance capacity,
    iii. Debottle-necking of process constraints,
    iv. Calculations for reducing the time - cycles during selective operations,
    v. Identification of hidden risks through thorough detailing of process from top to bottom,
    vi. Scale - up of existing process with lowered risks / surprises.
    vii. Design of scrubber system for existing process to vent out gaseous bi - products,
    viii. Further assessment based on requirement / request (Optional).

    For a process to be optimized,

    i. Support during optimization of process using DOE,
    ii. Support for process development based on the forecast of commercial scale challenges,

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