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  • Sunday 29 October 2017

    Pharma Vacuum pumps quotes & Sales

    We are experienced manufacturer of Vacuum Pump.
    I have attached a picture of our product as below, please check it and feel free to contact us ,
    many thanks for your kindly attention .

    Product catalogue for reference: 

    Address for Communication:

    Peter Shih 

    5-SolidTek Co.,Ltd.

    Mobile:         +886-931357149
    Tel:                +886-37-552816
    Fax:               +886-37-551108


    1. Hi ajay, please provide the information regarding different types vacuum pumps along with boosters and their working functions.

      Regards by

      1. Dear Ramana,

        Actually there are approximately 60 types of vacuum pumps, which will vary slightly based on their working, you can visit, Pfeiffer vacuum and go through the manual they provide for detailed information.

        AJAY K

    2. Hello Ajay,
      In one of our API manufacturing, SOCl2 addition is there in first part and HCl addition is there in second part.Fumes will generate while additions in the (GLR)reactor.By attaching a scrubber to reactor vent,SOCl2 and HCl assays will reduce as per my colleague point of view. how can u justify.

      Thanks and Regards,

      1. Hiii Krishna,

        Actually if we are going to use scrubber, the main motto will be to reduce the pollution in the environment due to gases liberation.

        So we are going to charge SOCl2 in our reaction and in turn we are bothering about its liberation, so what actually i gonna tell you is if and all we want to use the gasses then just shut down the blower and run the re-circulation pump, so that what ever the gas which have higher pressure to reach the scrubber end will get condense.

        If you are going to run the blower / ejector of the scrubber then automatically it may suck off the charged quantity which is meant for process.

        Hope you understand..

        Best Regards,
        AJAY K


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